Manage Office 365 Sharepoint/One Drive with Uipath Robot

Dear All,

Currently i have do Automation with Office 365 (Excel in Sharepoint/One Drive), users access file from web (owa) and bot access directly from local.

I have some issue when doing automation with O365 :

  • One Drive Queue Sync Time : when bot do automation, it will send email confirmation to users.
    and users behaviour directly check the sharepoint and found out the file is not there (not yet completed sync)

  • Users and Bot access/edit file excel in the same time : usualy users still open the excel A in browser (oWa) and at the same time bot will access excel A and edit it.
    it impacted has conflict sync into Sharepoint/One Drive in that excel A.

Is there any approach to solve this my issue?


We utilize Sharepoint/OneDrive pretty heavily for both input files for the bots as well as output files & exception screenshots. Ensuring that OneDrive is completely finished syncing either before the bot runs or before the bot is logged off was an issue of course. I originally addressed this with a delay of 10-30 seconds which for the most part would work;

If u r keeping in one drive it won’t impact ideally
May be before accessing the file directly from one drive have a copy of it in a separate local folder and then try to use it


Hi @Palaniyappan ,

Thankyou for your reply.

  1. Can we have exact/specific status from One Drive when they do sync up? if only add delay certain time, i’m afraid it will error when some users add many file into sharepoint and force the apps to sync up all.

  2. Already test using this method, but it will show conflict merge like this when users and bot access same file at the same time.

Once after copying and editing the file you can upload or move the same to one drive and it will get synced automatically

And for this
Try this step

Just right click on the folder in which you want to have file synced and then choose “Always keep on this device”.

It makes all the files in the folder being synced right after editing or placing them there. You can also do it on specific file, not the folder.