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How can I get my bot access excel files located on OneDrive’s shared location.
The scenario is : All the input files are located on OneDrive and Bot has to access those, perform calculations and update few of them.
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I would take a look into Integration Services, release in the 2021.10 version.
I believe it has the hability to create a connector to OneDrive.

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Yes, here it is:

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Try with below package

Hope this will help you


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Hi @kaurM ,

As mentioned by @Lucas_Ferraz you could create integration service in cloud orchestrator. if you are dealing with on prem orchestrators or if you want to try with inbuilt UiPath Microsoft 365 activities. please refer the below video in this well explained on how to create application in Azure and provide api permission to get one drive services from Azure and we can easily use in Microsoft 365 activities scope to upload, download and files in one drive. thanks.

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