Drag and drop in citrix environment

How to do the following actions in Citrix environment using UIPath:

  1. Drag and drop within a windows application
  2. Identifying the selected(highlighted in blue) element(similar to folder selection in windows)
    Kindly let me know , if these can be done, if yes, is it reliable?
    Thank you!

Hi @KavithaKGISL

Do it based on Click activity

ashwin S

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Fine let’s go one by one
For this

We can do with a normal CLICK IMAGE activity and a HOVER IMAGE activity
For more details on how to do that here you go a document for that
But used image activities as mentioned above for Citrix

And finally for this

We can do that with many options like
—using FIND IMAGE activity or IMAGE EXISTS activity to check whether that image is there or not
We can use COMPUTER VISION activities to do that in Citrix environment

Cheers @KavithaKGISL

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Thank you very much Ashwin and Palaniyappan ! I have seen these articles earlier too, but we are trying to get access to the Citrix environment to see it working! Meanwhile I wanted to get inputs from those who have tried/has knowledge about the drag & drop implementation and identifying of selected/highlighted element on a windows application!
Appreciate your inputs! Happy new year!

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