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Hi @gorby

Yes, you can rename Main (auto save).xaml to Main.xaml and use it in the future. This file is a backup of your Main.xaml file that was created by UiPath Studio when you closed the file without saving it.

If you open Main.xaml by double-clicking and you get the Do you want to recover? message, it means that the file was not saved properly. This can happen if you lose power or if the program crashes.

If you click Yes, UiPath Studio will open the backup file, Main (auto save).xaml. This file will contain the latest version of your workflow before it was closed.

If you click No, UiPath Studio will open an empty file. You will need to recreate your workflow from scratch.

I recommend that you rename Main (auto save).xaml to Main.xaml and use it in the future. This way, you will have a backup of your workflow in case something happens to the original file.

Here are the steps on how to rename Main (auto save).xaml to Main.xaml:

  1. Open the folder where Main.xaml is located.
  2. Rename Main (auto save).xaml to Main.xaml.
  3. Save the file.

Hi @gorby

His error comes when your workflow hasn.t saved successfully last time you cloaed the UiPath Studio. In this case you can Auto save the .xaml file and rename that paticular xaml file when you open the project.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @gorby

It’s asking your permission to save because you didn’t properly save the file before closing it. So give the same name as Main.xaml to recover the change that you have made before.

Hope it helps.