Main differences between Studio Web and regular Studio?

Hi, I was wondering about the main differences between Studio Web and Studio. Is this designed to be a competitor to the offerings by AA? Are there limitations between what can be designed here and regular studio?

What are the pros/cons of this product?

Thanks very much in advance.

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Hi @LeThomp,

  • Studio Web is a browser-based version of UiPath Studio that allows users to create, edit, and publish automation projects without the need for a desktop application. It is designed to be a complementary offering to the desktop Studio, providing an alternative option for users who prefer to work in a web environment or who need to access Studio from a device without the desktop software installed.

  • In terms of capabilities, Studio Web provides a similar set of features to Studio, including the ability to create and edit automation workflows using a drag-and-drop interface, debugging, and testing tools, and the ability to publish projects to Orchestrator. However, there may be some limitations in terms of the available activities and integrations compared to the desktop version.

  • As for the pros and cons of Studio Web, some potential advantages include its accessibility from any device with an internet connection, the ability to collaborate and share projects with others in real-time, and a simplified installation and maintenance process. However, some potential drawbacks may include limited capabilities compared to the desktop version, potential performance issues with larger projects, and a reliance on internet connectivity.

  • Overall, Studio Web is not designed to be a competitor to other RPA offerings like AA, but rather an extension of UiPath’s existing automation platform to provide more flexibility and accessibility to users.

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I think the Studio Web is in development/Beta phase they will update the studio web with more features in coming days,but for now we may have some limitation in Studio Web than in Studio.


Hi @LeThomp

Studio: You need to install.exe file into local machine you cant access anywhere.

Studio web: You don’t need to install it is cloud based so you can perform anywhere.


As of now studio web has limitations…like it cannot be used for any desktop automations…

We can work with integrated services or browser based automations and api’s …

Studio web are instantly available to run on cloud robots …deployment is seemless and also packages are something you need not download always they are available on the fly

For studio there needs to be a installtion and also for every package we have to download the pckages…

Studio web as of now will not recognized any desktop windows or applications…

As studio web is relatively new all the pckages are still not integrated

The idea is to move studio also to cloud and studio web preview is the start for the same

Hope this helps


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