Mail sending problem in studio


I have problem while i am trying to run the mail sending application.
its showing that “the SMTP server had unexpectedly disconnected”. Before running aal the things are correct.
Please help me out of this as i am new in this and practicing.

Thank You

Please see this post.


I have some another question so please have a look on that.
while doing excel project i got some error and it’s filling the form only once on internet explorer while i have selected chrome .so after filling the google form once it shows exceptional error.
Please help me out of this. I chose chrome in place of internet explorer while filling online form.
Is the error because of using the chrome? or else reason is different ?

One more question is that every time if i shut down the laptop and again open the Uipath i have to install some activities in Packages. this happens every time. So is there any process to come out of this?

UiPath download problem. please help me out to rsolve this.