Outlook mail message error

im getting this error can some one help me ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Can you try removing your account with only folder @Mayur_Pawar

Yeah I tried @HareeshMR

May be one of these will help you

  1. Upgrading the outlook package


  1. re-opening the outlook after closing it

how should i do this and any specific packages i need to upgrade ?

May i know which outlook version you using?


You will have the package as UiPath.Mail.Activities in the manage packages in the header. Try to upgrade it and then run the workflow, but make sure you are not giving in the account property

outlook2016 @Spark_robot

Hi Friend,

Goto your outlook - Left click your email id - select Data file properties - Copy the email id and paste it in the Get Outlook mail mesaage activity.

hello @saransr
i copied but in that activity where should i paste it ?

Hi Friend,

Account - “saran.sr@xxx.com”.

In properties panel - Input - Account

@saransr i tried but not worked

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Can you send your workflow to me…

Main.xaml (16.1 KB)

the highlighted part you should check at your end. Often the inbox folder is named different e.g in your local language

Hi Friend,

It working for me…Don’t type the mail id…Paste as available in the outlook.

Please try another version of outlook like 2007 or 2013


Leave the mailID field blank and try