Macros not included in Excel Templates

StudioX only has the Run Spreadsheet Macro, which requires that macros are embedded in the excel file. I do like the option to run Macros from a text file using the Invoke VBA activity in Studio. I have a Macro, so I’m using a Template file which is *.xlsm and transforming it into a worksheet using the Use Excel File activity with the Template File option pointing to the template with the Macro. Unfortunately, the Macro is not present in the Worksheet even though it is also a *.xlsm type. I’d like to be able to pass Macro’s from template files into work files.

In the next public preview of StudioX (likely June) we’ve updated the activities panel which will give you access to filters so you can gain access to any activity available in Studio if you want. This means you will have access to the Invoke VBA activity if desired. In general this isn’t likely to be a common scenario for StudioX users, so not something we’ll be raising to “a default StudioX activity” but it will be possible going forward.

Great to hear! I hope Try Catch and Retry Scope will be available for error catching.

With a warning label that it isn’t designed for StudioX you will be able to access anything you can access in StudioX with a “use at your own risk” caveat.

Out of curiosity, if you understand things like Try/Catch and Invoke VBA, why are you in StudioX rather than being in the full Studio?

I’m setting up a self-service / citizen development program within a Finance department. Being able to simplify the development process around variables and leveraging existing Excel knowledge / extended capabilities through VBA are important for this user group (until DataTables become easier to work with). Error handling is pretty important for obvious reasons, so it isn’t ideal to have that tradeoff using StudioX. I’m happy to provide more detail in a private conversation if you are interested. Thanks! Jack