Looping project forever (until stopped manually)



I Can not figure out how I would Loop the project, so that when the whole sequence is done it will start all over again. Can Someone please help me, as this I essential for all the work I’ve done.
The sequence would need to repeat maybe a 100 thousand times, so making a sequence that long would take forever and put a huge load on the pc.


Did you try using flow chart and your sequence connecting back to start based on your sequence trigger criteria.


Nope, is that the correct way to do it? I just assumed that when I was done I could make It start from the top again?

(Edit, I cannot get that to work as I can’t connect the end og the sequence to start?)


I think it’s a good way depending on what you are trying to do in your sequence.

Or you can try while loop

While(is it dooms day yet)
Your sequence

Or may be you could retry scope activity?


Share your sample workflow someone as well might suggest a better alternative


your suggestion was good, after fiddling a bit with It I got it working as intended, thank you