Arrow direction or going back to Start


I just need to repeat ‘Sequence’ over and over. Instead of doing a looping, pointing the arrow to ‘Start’ should do. But I don’t know how to change the direction in arrow.


Or if this does not work, do you know how to go back to Start so it could start over?

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drag arrow to the same sequence


but ideally you want some way to decide whether to repeat or not, so you should use flow decision

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Though we won’t be able to redirect the arrow back to start we can redirect the arrow from your block Test1 to itself

And there are multiple ways to repeat the step

  1. If you want to repeat it continuously then you can redirect the arrow to your block itself
    But that’s not the best practice

Try to have a timelimit or else your system cpu and also your robot license will get occupied because of which you won’t be able to run other jobs

Have a view on this for repeated execution of activities inside a flowchart

  1. To avoid the above scenarios you can use orchestrator and TRIGGERS in it
    This will help you to schedule the job again and again to the time period you want
    Check this doc for more details

Hope this would help you resolve this issue

Cheers @ultrarunner

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Hello @ultrarunner ,

As you are working with sequence + flowchart combination, Suggesting to go through the below document. It will give you a clear understanding of the usage and where you can use the flow chart.

If you want to repeat the same sequence based on some conditions then suggesting to use Flow decisions along with the flow chart.

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Thank you all. It worked perfectly.


@ultrarunner Good to hear that :smiley: