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Hi! My cycle goes on three sheets in the file Excel. I need each value to be saved in a separate variable, not overwritten. How can I do that?

Hi @Darya

May I know to what are you referring by “each value”? Are you referring to the data that you extract in read range activity you have in your while loop?

Not. I need the value of “Get row item”. In each sheet it is different :disappointed_relieved:

You can add all of the items to a list - once you have used GetRowItem

Use Add to collection (create a new list of string)

It depends what you want to do with the data afterwards also.

I need the sum of these values. Is it possible in the collection? :open_mouth:

Yes, they would need to be a list of double then if they are decimals.
You may need to convert them before adding them to the collection.

Another way would be as the below:

You can create a new variable at the start called Sum.

Then after Get Row Item use an assign

Sum = Sum + Output (from Get Row Item / again convert to double or int as required)


It is work!! Thank you so much

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No problem :slight_smile: if you mark the solution it can help others if they have a similar problem

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