Loop through column, if the value is null/empty, then copy the cell and paste it to the first empty cell of another spreadsheet

Hello, beloved community
I am fairly new to RPA and have a question about copy/pasting.
My Problem:
I have two excel spreadsheets(copy from and paste to), where I want to loop through column I “of copy from spreadsheet”. If the cell value in I is empty, then the cell should be copied and pasted to the first empty row in column A of the other spreadsheet “paste to”.

Thanks a lot in advance!!
Greetings from Germany.

Regards Agnetha


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Check below for your reference


Hope this may help you


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Hello Srini,
As for now, looping through the columns and finding the empty cell works. Thanks a lot!
Once the bot finds the empty cell, it should copy the given row and paste it to the other excel sheet. For example copy A1:I1 and paste it to the next empty row of the other spreadsheet. Can you maybe help me with this too?
I tried copy range and write cell but I cannot create the variables right. Do I have to use the string.Isnullorwhitespace again to fin the empty row of the other spreadsheet?

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