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I’m looking to select a range in an excel file to copy but depending on the files I don’t know how many rows are filled so I don’t know which range to select.

I thought about doing an If activity but I don’t know how to write that it must check if the cell is empty or not. And then if it’s not empty, append the row to a datable. Could you help me with that or show me another way ?

Same for the destination excel file, I’d like to detect the last filled row to paste starting from the next row.

Would love some help.


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When you use read range, you can use leave the range in “” to select all data.

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To select a range in the excel file and if not clear on how many rows, we can just mention the range as “” in the range property of Read Range activity inside a Excel Application Scope, as this would read the entire sheet till the last row x column cell with value
And **Yes of course we can write the row of values to next row of last line in the excel **
using append range activity, by passing the output variable obtained from Read range activity as input to this append range activity that would append the datatable from the last row in the excel
Kindly have a view on this once

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Ok I got it, Thank you for the explanation @Palaniyappan

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