How to write in the different column in the same row. Excel

Hi there.

I’m trying to set …

  1. read spreadsheet. (done with Read range)
  2. copy B cell for which D column is blank.(done with Filter data table and Get row item)
  3. paste B cell in another excel.(done with Write cell)
  4. back to the spreadsheet and fill D cell with string “OK” where is the same row as I copy in 2. (can’t do with write cell because of Range error.)
  5. Do it until the B cell is null or empty. (probably using assign and counter?)

I am stuck in 4 for a day… please help…

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Can be achieved by using dynamic variable (using counter) in the write cell (B + Variable) under for each loop.


After reading the First excel, you have Datatable_FirstSheet

Now create an empty list L_B_CellValue

Noe for each row from DT_FirstSheet
check if D_CellValue is empty or not, if yes → add B_Value to list, and write D_Value OK (using write cell, as it is easy to trac the index here…)

Now write the list items to the new sheet.

(((* You can also try by creating the new data table with one column instead of list and write range to new sheet)))


Thank you @Roboz, @megharajky for your reply.

I referred the post below and tried to create new empty list but it didn’t work probably because my understanding was not enough.

So, I searched again for a day and found another way in different way to solve this. It worked.

Thank you.

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