Loop through a Table in webpage

Hi All,

I wish to find a particular text in a web page table having multple pages and then click on it. If not found on first page, i need to move to next page and so on. I have been able to loop thorugh all the items on first page but I am unable to move to next page. How do I move to next pages is what I am looking for.
Sample table can be seen below. Thanx in advance.

Piyush Tilara

Hello @tilarapiyush

You will have to do it as a loop.

For example do as below.

  1. First get the page count using get text
    2)create a while loop (i<pagecount)
    3)then you can use Find text to check the existance of the text.
  2. Use a if condition, if exists click text activity.
    5)Break… To break the loop

you can simply scrap the data and filter what you want based on the column

and you can use navigate because when ever each element you going on there url will change the
id , those id is only in datatable

Hi i am also having same problem have u found solutions