Click a text that spans across multiple pages

Hi All,

I have a table where there are links and then I have to search for a specific link.



have you tried exploring Data Scraping Activity in UI path?

Using that once you have all the data in a datable you can manipulate it to find that specific link
using Select query or using the filter data table activity


The idea here is you basically first iterate through the entire thing ( all pages ) and then you search for the link in the datable

Now this would work every time you run the bot based on a schedule (like every 1 hr or as desired )

Why do you wish to rerun it if you found the link already ? ( the else part in your flow )


That’s what I’m saying. Instead of data scraping and then checking if it was found or not , iterate through all the possible pages in one go first ( all pages ) and then use the if condition and for each loop

In fact , don’t use if and for each . use data table functions to filter it out . That way you don’t need to to use the if and for each loop