How to loop through pages if multiple pages exist to check for specific column

For example, I have multiple pages( sometimes 2 sometimes 3) like this
I want to loop through pages to check specific column names exist in which page and click that names.If it found in first page end else click next page and check and continue for all pages if not found and end the loop if found.
tried but failing.
Can anyone please help

Hi @vnsatyasunil ,
I think you can check element exist
else click next page



use get text activity to get all the page numbers

use while activity

use element exists for finding the elemet
use if activity inside then use click activity to click on that name
assign counter =counter+1
use click activity and pass the counter in the selector of click activity to click on page 2

hope this helps

1.You can use the do while so, make the condition like if the it matches the column name and then you can click in the way you can create the variable in bool
2.matched = true and while do wile can create a variable matched = false
3. Then use Element exists and create variable = Nextpage exists if not matches the column then take if activity and pass condition like this
matched=false and Nextpage Exists…inside then use click activity to click the next page >


Hi @vnsatyasunil

Have you tried Navigate,

Just check the each page URL and check which part is changing.

You can store changing part Into temp data table

Iterate through each page

Use navigate to pass URL with modification

Other way, capture the selector and take a temp counter and increase the counter


Thanks. tried this way but first issue row is repeating twice in the loop for taking screenshot.
Using get text to get all the page numbers for suppose if we have 2 pages we want to click 2 right or next button?


you are saying like you cannot all the pages count using get text activity right?

yes. Like u said need to get all pages count using get text activity you mean to click next arrow or maximum page count?


if you are not able get all the page count then you need to follow different approach

then you need to use check app state activity

and the steps need to changed

I am having page numbers like this and I clicked 2 and stored the page count=2
Is that the right way?