Loop sequence in one day

Hello friends, i want to reapet a sequence every 5 mintues in whole day like from 7 am until 00:00 , then next day same, how can i reapet it ? whith while loop. here is also my workflow, it ends with if conditions, so when we have value and else we dont have value.
check if new.xaml (15.9 KB)

Hello @Hamidy1667 ,
You can use the orchestrator and schedule the job for every 5 minutes.

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@Lwissitoon im not using orchestrator, is there any way in studio that i can do it ?

mmmm you could try to make a workflow to invoke the one that you need to verify

using a loop that verify the conditions that triggers the workflow that you need to run
1- verify if today is a working day.
2-verify the time to check if is between 11am to 12pm also you could make a math operation time calculate the remaining time until 11am to start the process

if these conditions are true then execute “check if new.xaml” then wait 5 minutes
if these conditions are false the wait Remaining to 11 am.

@Lwissitoon the logic you said it seems good but i dont think i would be able to do as you say, maybe i can try some, but if you did have time to check my work flow and make a flowchart that would be great, my main condition is to check for every 5 minutes, only do between 8 am. untill 11 pm. and do it like every 5 mintues, regardles of the resuls of sequence,