Loop or feach inside a for each row

hello guys! I have a for each row with a few hundred rows but I would like to have a loop or another for each within the for each row that I already have to process from column G … the number of columns filled from G to the front never it’s the same. Any suggestions on how to approach this situation? Thank you!

@Pedro_Santos Do you want to treat the Excel file as two Separate Excels that is One Table data from A-F and another Table Data from G- (End Column) ?

well … the ideal would be separately because I already have the entire A-F sequence done :slight_smile:

but if it doesn’t change, of course :slight_smile:

@Pedro_Santos Check this Activity, to create Separate datatables. Then you can use two For Loops to loop through the Datatable values

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Isnt this the same you have created here: Column loop +1 Please dont create 2 posts for the same question, it makes harder for everyone.

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Tanks! Sorry for that!

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