Loop - Check if cell is empty

Hi Experts,

I want to check if a cell is empty.
If it is empty, I will use ‘Get Selected Range’ to get the cell number.
If it is not empty, I will have to press ‘enter’ to go to the next cell, and check if it is empty again.

Hi @Steven_Kho

*First read your excel sheet and create a output variable

  • use for each row and pass the variable inside the body use assign activity and create count variable and variable type will be zero
    use another assign activity and value will be count +1
    *then drag and drop if activity and pass this code
    not String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Column name want to check”).ToString)
    And inside the else part keep a message box and check or you can use write line also to check output

plz check this below screenshot



Hi @gulshiyaa

May I know what is your ‘dt’?

Because I did not create any data table.
Is it possible to check if a cell is empty just by using Excel?

here dt is Read range output