I have an issue like where if I found an empty cell inside the excel,
it should throw an error or display some message.
cell A2 is empty
it should throw an error or else display the message.

and Another ex:
from A2 to A10,
Cell Empty then,
It should throw error or display message.

You want to check entire excel?
Or selected range?
Be specific

select colum

You can use Read Range
Then use For Each Row – Assign Index in property-----IndRow
In that Use If Row(“Column Name”).Tostring=“” or String.IsNullOrEmpty(Row(“Column Name”).Tostring)
Then Message Box That variable which u assign : IndRow+1
It will give cell no

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tired but it left the empty cell and go to cell which has value ,
A3:Empty cell.jumps to next cell

i tried but the result is same.

Hello You have not reply on my reply thats why i am not getting notified
Try below
EmptyCell.xaml (7.9 KB)Data (1).xlsx (8.9 KB)

I think it is ok for a single or selected column but can help me with this excel?
People Requisition Form.xlsx (12.5 KB)

For checking in entire row
First use If
If yes Then Use For each Row.ItemArray
now each column data in that row will iterate so c can again use if condition to check in which column u have “” value

should i Using only read range or both read column and range?

No only read range

then i should use for each row then if condtion?

Right :+1: :+1:

let me check and update u.

As i have shared workflow u can make changes as i told today

sorry like?

use the same workflow which u sent?

Yes same but in for each row now follow above steps