Gmail save unread messages



So I am trying to do an application in UIPATH Studio which open the browser->enter in Gmail-> and then enter in every unread mail, and save the message. I know i can do this with IMAP or other activities from Studio, but i want to do this visual to enter in every unread mail. I got to the point that I entered in mail, but from here i don’t know what to do. Is there some activities that can help me?


There are no activities to help you if you don’t want to use the IMAP or POP3 protocols with Gmail. You will have to do UI automation (clicking on buttons, get text, etc) same as a human will do the process.


I have tried that way, at the start I took all data from mail, with data scrapping, and then i tried with “Click Text”, to enter in mail, but it seems that it wont find the text.


Try with a Click activity and build a dynamic selector that will use the actual value that you want to click. Please read here on how to build a dynamic selector.