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I have 2 data sets, and I am trying to perfom an task originaly done with VLOOKUP in excel. (attached).
Book1.xlsx (17.9 KB) Sequence.xaml (10.4 KB)
The thing that I can not change the structure of Sheet 1. If there is an empty row (Compound, Sheet1), column B (Depot) for that row (Sheet1) needs to stay empty as well. Using Join activity won´t allow me to solve this. Or at least I don´t know how:)
Therefore I am trying with Lookup Data Table.
But still, I need to filter DT and exclude all empty rows. Otherwise, the process crashes after getting the first empty row from Sheet1, (Column A “Compound”. After filtering empty rows, how can pass values from Sheet2, Column B (Depot) into Sheet1 Column B (Depot) - but leaving empty rows empty?

Blue colored column in Sheet 1 shows the desired output

Please find my current sequence and .xlsx files attached.


If you just want to get the values from another worksheet with reference to another value in the sheet, you can simply use VLookup and, if you want to skip the value which is null, you just need to use the condition IF before VLookup @sspi1153

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I am still pretty fresh and obviously, sometimes I do not observe the obvious solution,

Have you tried to do your requirement manually with VLookup @sspi1153? If that works, you can implement the same in Uipath also

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