Looking for confirmation if the entity relationship model is accurate


Currently I am trying to determine if the relationship model in this link is accurate. Orchestrator - Logical Resources and Metadata

It states that there should be a connection made available between the Robots Data Table and the ProcessSchedules Data Table however I am unable to find the variable that connects the two together.

Does anyone have any experience in utilizing the Orchestrator API to make data table connections like the one shown in this link?

when it is about the Orchestrator REST Api
Yes, we used it with success

One endpoint can return results where also entities are embedded / referenced / offered by Navigation properties

Maybe you can reformulate the question in more detail and elaborate more on your use case

Perhaps I don’t understand the difference? I am currently using Postman to make these calls and I was unable to locate a variable that connects the two data tables. What methods did you use to make the connection?

have a look at swagger

And with the DTO (data transfer objects) we get some hints on relations

Hello and thank you again for the replies. So I did some digging and I see where the Dto would be within Robots Swagger link. My question is how do I get that specific output from the Robots GET within Postman. It seems that I only receive the RobotsDto but not the Environments or SimpleRobotsDto which is what connects the other data tables together.

Sounds like a missing usage of the Expand

/odata/Robots?$expand would be what I add to the end of the call then?

you can try it within swagger

And can also refer to the generated url:

And keep in mind what is classic/modern folder meaning in Orchestrator