Look Up Data Table

Hi All,

i have a data table contians 2 columns Customer name & User id,

i am using lookup data table to search customer name and extracting user id ,

i am not having any problem when the customer name data exist but if the customer name not exist how to handle,

i just given in lookup data table output value as string i.es str_Userhash

when i tried to check empty string or not in the below condition
i.es (String.IsNullOrEmpty(str_Userhash) Or str_Userhash.Trim="" Or str_Userhash Is Nothing)

i am getting below error

Error :If: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

kindly help me how to handle when lookup data not found

Hi @sivaramakrishna_raja

Try to intialise the str_Userhash value as “”

I think then the error can be avoided , because this error is due to the no value in the str_Userhash when costumer I’d u are searching doesn’t exist

Please mark it as solution if it helps

Hope it helps

Nived N :robot:

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