DataTable Lookup Null Error

Hi guys, I have an issue with DataTable lookup.
I am searching for a STRING value in my data table, if it is found there is no issue. After finding the string on column 2, I am getting as output the DOUBLE value from column 1.

But if it is not found I get the following error on my DataTable Lookup activity:

Lookup Data Table: DoubleConverter cannot convert from (null).

How can I handle this null value so the test will continue running?

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Create a variable in the rowindex property of lookup datatable activitiy which store the rowindex let’s say index

Put an if Condition with condition as index<>-1

If the condition is true then

Output the value


Do nothing

In this way u can avoid the error


{row(“Number”).ToString,DT2.Rows(index)(1).ToString, DT2.Rows(index)(2).ToString}
other way put an if Condition with condition as output.ToString(" ") (where output is value obtained from lookup datatable activity)

Based on condition u can customize then and else section respectively.

Hope it helps you


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Thank you!

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