Im getting error in lookup data table

Lookup Data Table: In the ‘Target Column category’ the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.



As per error either the column name you gave is wrong or is missing in the table please check the same


checked column name but it seems to be correct and the column name is also coming as same in local

check if there is a space in the column name in excel. So STATE NAME looks correct but is not the fully name


check for any extra spaces or so…

Also check if you are sending the right datatable


As an alternate use the immediate panel and type in: raw_dump.Columns

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chaged data table now im getting null value in output like Message Box: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. so what could be the reason?

yeah checked no spaces there ppr

ok will try it later for sure


If you are getting object reference error then there is no data in your datatable



Can you try to output and share the result of the following expression? We can know even if there is zero-width character in column name.

String.Join(",",raw_dump.Columns(1).ColumnName.Select(Function(c) AscW(c).ToString))


check within the immediate panel and share with us the result, thanks

the values within the STATE NAME columns are not case matching (sometimes lower case, sometimes upper case. E.G.: (Excel1) TELANGANA vs. (Excel2) Telangana

So even when the the column name issue is solved, the lookup will not find the matching statename. We would recommend to handle it by

  • a constructed lookup dictionary
  • a LINQ statement

im getting output like this


How to do this both?

Data is there but it different like uppercase and lowercase


Thank you for sharing. it’s merchant-order-id. Is this from raw_dump? In your image, the 2nd column of raw_dump datatable is “STAT…”


Assign Activity:
dictLK | Dictionary(Of String, String) =

dt2.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function (x) x("STATE NAME").toString.ToUpper.Trim, Function (x) x("RS Code").toString.Trim)

Then you can access with the dt1 State Name Value .ToUpper.Trim the dictionary and retrieve the RS Code

Yes how did you know that’s great… yeah for testing i have created this column and it is coming at second so i will share you updated excel header file please look like if you could do any use of it.

All columns.xlsx (31.0 KB)

Need to give this in for each row… could you please let me know how to implement this?