Long running For Each Row - Log every 15 min

Hello Everybody!
in my project in a certain point i have a for each row activity.
This activity is very long (sometimes 1 hour acitivity).

Is possibile to have for logging on Orchestrator a log message every 15 minutes with index results
ex: Robot is on 15 item on 1400 total lines
after 15 minutes
ex:Robot is on 565 item on 1400 total lines


Hi @l.sambinelli

To achieve this

1 Take one variable of timesspan and store current time.
2 In body of loop put if condition as timespan variable = current time

If this condition get matched loge message and increase min to 15 in timesspan variable so if next time it will come it will log message when timesspan variable = current time.


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Thanks for your answer.
i never catch the current time with timesspan variable.
How can i do it?

find starter help here:
ProcessBigSet_InBetween_LogEveryXMin.xaml (10.0 KB)

It is simulating your case on a standalone demo logging all 1 minute


So just change within the If condition the interval from 1 to 15 when logging is needed on every 15 mins

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Hi @l.sambinelli ,

You can use below xaml file.

Test.xaml (7.3 KB)

The logic that i put above to if will go inside if condtion of adding 15 min.
I have just described how you can achieve this.

Let me know if you face any issue.

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thanks for your help!

thank you! great !

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