Long list on the Orchestrator list to choose from, even the ones that are long gone

See the attached picture.

When adding a new process in Orchestrator, there’s this list when you choose the package you published from Studio.

Well, the list is extremely long, as it’s displaying every package since the beginning, no matter if they were longe removed/cleaned from Studio.

It’s so long that it makes difficult to choose the right package, yet I can’t find any way to remove the unuseful ones from the list.

The packages aren’t stored in Studio bud, when you publish them they are added to the Orchestrator, removing them from your machine does nothing to remove them in the cloud.

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Hi @pere

The mentioned list is a list of Packages published/uploaded to Orchestrator. If you don’t need one anymore, you can delete from Tenant > Packages

Open the package you want to delete clicking in View Versions

Then select the version you want to delete and click em Delete ico

You only can delete packages in inactivity state (package that doesn’t have any Process associated with). For these package with associated process, you need first delete the process.

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