How to delete available processes?


How to delete the available processes? (cost_control_robot) And also, how to publish a process to a robot in another computer without using orchestrator?

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If we want to delete a process already published then we can do that in PROCESS TAB in orchestrator
And If we want to publish a process we need a orchestrator

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Please check the below article for step by step process to delete the package -

Karthik Byggari

I’m not using any orchestrator though. I just published it through the ribbon button on studio, and it automatically added it to the Robot

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It would got added from studio feed
So if you want to delete that file go to this folder
Where we will be able to find the published package and we can delete there so that it won’t get reflected in the robot tray

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You can delete it from orchestrator…

You can delete it from the published folder, the default folder can be seen using the following in windows run (Press Windows key + R)


Here you can see all the published bots and their versions, where you can select and delete