Long delay for next click simulation after save a file from a website

Dear all,
I got a problem as the following:
-I use UiPath to automate an interaction with a webpage via Silver Explorer
-Everything is OK util Uipath opens a dialog for saving a file. With Desktop recording, I can use Uipath to click on the save button in this new window. Then UIPath can reattach to the explorer window, but then any click simulation on this web interface becomes so long even 2 minutes for each click.

Would you please help me to fix that delay.

The enclosed image shows the workflow of such transience. The action “Click A” at the bottom takes very longtime to be excecuted.

Many thanks

What I’d suggest is don’t use desktop recording to save a file. Try using a separate click activity which will have a full selector. It’ll probably find the Save option quickly.

If it still doesn’t work, share the file here!

For this issue,keep the wait for ready property to None and keep the checkbox for SimulateClick as checked.

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Hi Rachrahul2, hi Indrajit_Banerjee
Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
I try with the method of Indrajit_Banerjee, and it works like a wonder :slight_smile: Many thanks
Surely the method of Rachrahul2 will work as well. It means that the manual recording can produce preciser result than the auto recording? I also see some overlapped recording among the manual ones, can you give me a link/doc to understand more the functionalities of these recording please.
You save my day men, Thank you so much

Hello @sontm2,

you can read below link,