How to Maintain Orchestrator Logs

How to check where are these Orchestrator logs generated. Also can i disable these logs or else can i delete these logs on dialy basis?

Logs are stored in two places. They are stored in the machine where they ran in C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs split up by day and type. For example 2019-09-06_Studio.log and 2019-09-06_Execution.log. If you are using an on-premise installation of Orchestrator then they are also stored in the Orchestrator database with each log line being a new row of data.

Deleting old logs is entirely up to you and your needs. I believe that UiPath recommends deleting logs from the database that are older than 45 days. If you have a process that you may need to audit months after the fact then you would probably want to keep the logs around longer. If your processes are more trivial than you can probably delete every month or so.

It all depends on what you’re automating and how many days you might need the information.