Logs in UiPath

I want to configure Elastic Search, Filebeat and Kibana with Orchestrator Logs.
Can anyone suggest how sholud I do it?
You can suggest any other method also to visualize Logs.

That depends on your objective. Would you like to monitor ongoing operations, issuing alerts if a robot goes down? Are you interested in the average number of Application or Business Exceptions being thrown by individual executions? When thinking about visualization, who is the target audience and what should they learn from a certain chart?

Also, note that Logs are only one potential data source. Orchestrator offers email alerts, webhooks - and of course, there is the web API (see: Orchestrator Alerts and notifications).

There aren’t many technical limitations - for example, you can easily integrate Nlog into Elastic Search. The questions is rather what needs to be monitored, why, and who will benefit from it.

I want to monitor everything.For example, If there is an error while executing bot so I can go to that activity and rectify it. Do you know how should I configure Elastic Search, Filebeat and Kibana with Orchestrator Logs?

That’s a very broad question, and quite impossible to answer (read more about asking MVCE questions here). What is your precise issue? What are you struggling with? What have you tried? Have you considered using the search feature?


My bot runs for around 2 hours. It has many activities. Due to some changes in the website bot is getting failed so I have to find the issues. It is difficult to find the activity using Orchestrator logs. I need more information to find the activity easily in the code.