Is UiPath 2018.1 compatible with Elastic/Kibana 6.2 release


The pre-requisites documentation for UiPath 2018.1 Orchestrator installation outlines we need Elasticsearch/Kibana 5.5.2.

Would anyone know if we can also go with a secure enterprise setup of ELK, using version 6.2


Hi Ajitkumar,

Yes, the documentation states until the 5.5.2 version because the 6.2 version is still in testing phase.

The first results are optimistic, the installation works perfectly with 6.2 version, but until the broad testing is not finished the documentation would not be updated.

Thank you @ovi for the update.

I’ll apply the update on our test environment to see how it goes, and update this topic here.



Hi @ovi,

Are there any changes in the version of Kibana and Elasticsearch?
I mean, do you know when it will be possible to talk about integrating Uipath with Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.2 or newer?
I’m asking because customers are asking about the possibility of upgrading Elastic components due to security aspects.


Hi Piotr,

If you want to move to Elasticsearch 6.2 urgently, you can use the workaround I have given in below post.

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