Logging every activity

I am a bit logging fanatic and would like to have functionality to log every entry and exit of the activity. Expecially then “something” fails I would like to have a switch to run workflow in normal or logging mode.
Obviously I could add tons of log/assign activities before and after the real activities, but it does not sound great to me :wink:

Is there someking of configuration parameter for this purpose?


You can go to the robot agent in the system tray->Settings and change the Robot Logging level.


Brilliant, thanks!

You saved me a day… at least :slight_smile:

Another idea: - can I configure that instead of one log file per day, we would have a different log file for each robot run?

What I want to achieve: on exception attach the log file to an email, but would like to have logs only for that particular run, instead of all lines for a day.