Log Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array


My flow is

build data table to
read pdf text to
assign varstr_array_ = varStr_Read_Data.Split({“cats dogs rabbits”,“Total”},stringsplitoptions.None) to
Log message log level info with message varstr_array(1)

Why do I keep getting this Log Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array. error when I debug my flow? Thanks

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Hi @sparkplug93
why dont you print the varstr_array in for each item and print the item instead of taking index values

Ashwin S

Sorry, how would I do that?


Can you tell us what do you want to do?

Whats the value of varStr_Read_Data?

The entire pdf file

I think it has not split into two elements to check that use a writeline activity and mention like this
Which will show us the actually split count in writeline activity based on which we can go ahead further

Cheers @sparkplug93

I’m getting the value 1

I got 1

yah then mention the index as 0 and not as 1
like this

Cheers @sparkplug93


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