Index was outside the bounds of array source in Assign

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I have a variable Name is StrString, type string.

I am using split StrSting= StartString.Trim.Split("-"c)(1).

if value of StrString=“Approved (crawqa - May 14, 2019)” bot is working correct.
if value of StrString= “Previous Assignment To Jon Ansah XactOnline Support (Crawford & Co.) On Oct 4, 2018”

It is showing error= Index was outside the bounds of array source in Assign.

Knidly help me on this .

Kindly help me on this .
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You are splitting the string based on “-”. But in the second String there no “-”. Because of that you are getting that error.

Check that the string contains “-” before splitting. The second example is failing because it doesn’t have a hyphen character so the Split returns an array with only one item. So the index 1 is out of bounds.

Thanks for your response…
the both value is coming from data table so it may be change accordingly

Kindly suggest…


Kindly suggest what should I can do in this case…

You need to check that the String contains “-”. Use an If and for the condition do StrString.Contains(“-”). Then if true you can split and do your normal logic. If false you need to process the string differently.

thanks for the reply I want to skip If it not contains(“-”) please advise…


Ok. But actually what are you trying to fetch from both the strings ?

Date month and year only…


Before dividing into String using split function first check whether the string contains “-” or not. If it contains then split it based in “-” else don’t split it.

@Naim To get Date month and year only use regex like this

Hi i have same problem but,
There is a text I’m splitting it when it has 2 index’s but, sometime only 1 index is available then it throws Index was outside the bounds of the array.

for Example strExample=“Hospital Name 1-203659045”

I need to Split this and update into different columns
Please help me when it doesn’t have phone number need to ignore the phone number column


First check whether string contains of hypen “-” or not in Input string.

If strExample.Contains(“-”)
Use Split function to split the string
No Split