Log-Level for Throw Activity

I use the System.Activities.Statements.Throw to throw a BusinessRuleException in my automation. This activity gets logged automatically as error-level. Is there a way to log this activity in warn-level?
I did not find anything in the documentation and the forum about this.

hi @carlito , you can use try catch and log the message with warning level.

Hi @balaraman.ramiya ,
Thank you for your advice.

I’m using the UiPath REFramework, so the BRE gets already catched and I’m logging this event in warning-level. But the throw activity itself already gets logged as error.

Hello @carlito

You can use Log Message activity and select log level as Error.

Throw activity doesn’t have a Log level functionality.

Hello carlito, interesting… Is it possible for you to check the log message from orchestrator and check from which xaml file the log message is logged. As its a framework, you can further trace and check how the message is logged. Activity by default will not log the error message (This usually can happen if the framework is not able to capture the exception).


Please see the attached screenshot explaining the issue in a very simple project of calling a workflow file that throws a BRE that gets catched by the caller.