Throw logs exception with Error level (since update to 2018.3.2)

Hey guys,

I’ve updated Studio to 2018.3.2 Enterprise edition earlier this week. Since then, I’ve noticed that Throw activities automatically log messages on an Error level, even if the exception is caught in a Try Catch block. I’ve got a process where the exception is caught, then throws an exception of another type which in turn is caught on a higher level, to make sure the For Each Row loop continues to the next row. I’ve already logged this on a Warning level, which results in 3 log messages with the same error. I haven’t found a way to disable the error messages, so I was wondering if someone else noticed this and has a solution?

It results in things like this (previously there would be no ‘Error’ logs at all, now there’s 10):


Cheers, Erik

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