Change Logging level on Throw activity


I am currently using Studio v2020.10.2 and I was wondering if there is a way to change the logging level on a throw activity. We use throw to report business rule exceptions. In orchestrator it shows up as an error and we want it to change to be a warning. Is this possible?

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You may try with the Try Catch activity and throw a BusinessRuleException with a Log Message with the type Warning.

If you don’t want it as an error, you shouldn’t be using Throw. Errors are the point to Throw, in any language. What is your goal here?

We are needing to use Kabana to create a dashboard (due to client limitations) and want to separate out system errors from business rule exceptions. We thought the easiest would be to set the business rule exceptions logging level to warning, but it does not seem that way is possible.

Many of our use cases uses ReFramework and the throw activity is great for handling the business rule exceptions without having to do many ifs and booleans.

They’re already separated by exception type. Your Throws can use New BusinessRuleException whereas any other failure will be caught by System.Exception


I agree it would be useful to have an option of adjusting log level when ‘Throw’ activity is used. It would allow filter real error exceptions against the other types. Eg. in case of checking logs in orchestrator.

I think in this case throwing BRE works with ReFramework approach and this action ‘skips’ processing a transaction item, but it’s always noted as an error log type