Lock Screen Run: Can't find some UI elements

Please advise me

while running my app with lock screen, find element activity can’t find some UI elements.
For example I need to click a button, but it doesn’t work.
I found out that the button is simply cannot be find.
I use retry/scope activity, try to reduce scope and use elemet scope activity. then I decided that the problem is that the button is in the frame and started using the script

but it doesn’t work every time and makes my app really slowly, because i’m trying to solve a problem by increasing timeout…

maybe someone came across this

Hi @yaniketz

I suppose its related to the selector you are using for the click activity and the find element activity. Can you share the selector that you are trying to use?

Have you also tried using the UI Explorer to generate different selectors to see how each of them work? May be there is some parts that change time to time so your selector gets invalid?

This may help you regarding ur problem