Local user unable to login to orchestrator


We have created a user in manage users & groups and assigned roles to it. There is a popup showing up to enter username and password after entering the user credentials which we have created. We tried with windows credentials and Orchestrator user credentials but still unable to access the orchestrator. No issue popup is showing up. Its just that the same popup to enter the credentials is showing again and again.

When we try to login with the directory user we were able to login.

Please help me on this.


@Kishore Could you check the Tenant Name? Chnage it to right Tenant and try again.

Follow this- https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/standalone/2023.4/user-guide/logging-in-to-orchestrator

Hello @KishoreC

  1. Clear browser cache and cookies, try a different browser.
  2. Ensure the user has the right Orchestrator permissions.
  3. Verify Active Directory or SSO setup.
  4. Check Orchestrator URL, network, and firewall settings.
  5. Review browser security settings.
  6. Restart relevant services.
  7. Check Orchestrator logs.
  8. If issues persist, contact UiPath Support for assistance.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

I have provided the correct tenant name.

I have created 2 users and provided the same access. The only change I can see from those two users is One is local user and other one is directory user.

Directory user can able to login but the local user can’t.


Thanks for your reply.

I found the solution for this. I have removed the user in manage roles and re-added him again.