Load Python Script activity results in Runtime error

Hi everyone

Which version of Python is supported in UIPath ?
I have 3.7 32 bit and 3.6 64 bit and both don’t work.
Within the Python scope I do Load Python Script activity
and always get the Runtime error:
The Python script is VERY basic:
num1 = 5
num2 = 6
def add_numbers(x=num1,y=num2):
sum = x + y
return sum
print("The sum is ", add_numbers(num1, num2))

Why the activity can’t load it ?

you would need to set the python version in Python Scope activity , and inside python scope activity you can call Load Python Script activity ,

Ref screenshot , select appropriate python version and target based on your python installation and it would work fine ,

Uipath supports 3.6 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Python.
Please go through the attached workflow and revert back for any further clarifications

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)


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Hello @Rahul_Pasupuleti
I cannot open any xaml samples for the reasons outside my control. This is what I get when I opened your Main.xaml:
I have 2019.3.0 Community edition. I have the same issue with all the samples.

Please go to Manage packages.
Navigate to all packages in the left pane.
Type python in the Search tab
Install Uipath.Python.Activities package

Thank you @Rahul_Pasupuleti. Your sample workflow works now.

Please mark it as solved if I solved your query.


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