Load Image activity is throwing compilation error

“Load Image” activity is throwing compilation error. I am using Studio 2023.10.0, all latest packages for Windows C#. Thanks!


In my environment(23.10.0 Enterprise), there is no issue in LoadImage activity.


Is type of pageImg variable UiPath.Core.Image? If not, can you try to set it?

Or can you share your xaml file, if possible?



Please remove the item from there and click ctrl+k and create a variable and use it…it would create a variable of required type


Hi @dbiswas ,

The error message indicates that you are using multiple expression languages in your project. I was able to reproduce this error by copying the Load Image activity from a C# project to a VB project.
You can use the recommendation above to remove the variable associated with the Output property and create a new variable having the expression language of the current project.

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