Load balancer required?

Hey guys and hello ladies,

I need to install the full package (multiple attended and unattended robots) within Azure.
As far as I can find and understand I do not need a load balancer since it is used in combination with the High Availability setup. For now (next couple of years) this is out of the picture. Can you please confirm I don’t need a load balancer (when I use Orchestrator) or am I missing some things? In addition we do not exceed the 250 unattended or the 2500 attended robots.

I really appreciate your help!

Kr, ElectricBoogie!

Sounds exciting! I believe you’re correct, but if you want to hear from the horse’s mouth you can email infra@uipath.com and they’ll confirm.

Let me know if you need any help putting any of those robots to work :slight_smile: