Hi, guys
Please help!
I am going through a video tutorial of UIPath on email automation.
Here is the link:
Please open 4:26 min. It says tha variable is created automatically, but mine is not being created, even more I by myself cannot create it.
And in the end when I run sequence, I encounter errors, of undeclared variable “messages”.
Please help!!!

Hi Fara,

No variable get created automatically.It’ll create only the variable type based on the activity. Use Ctrl+K to create variables under “Output”.

Ex: For your “Get IMAP mail messages” activity, If you press Ctrl+K to create variable, it takes the datatype as “System.Net.Mail.MailMessage”.

Senthil V.

Thanx very much!!!

I am trying to run sequence. But it says that I need to activate license to execute processes. What shall I do if I am using Community version?