Couldn't find List<mailmessage> in Variable Type

Hello! I am Amanda, the new learner of Uipath Studio.
I wanted to get outlook mail message, and I created a variable named “message”, and variety type shall be List MailMessage but I couldn’t find it in the drop-down box or by search.
How can I find it?
Any idea? Appreciate your help!


in output option in properties of getoutlook message activity just press control k to create new variable message then in variable list you will able to see message variable with desired data type or in variable panel you can create new variable message then in data type select system.collections.generic.list choose from combo box at top <>

Click on Browse for .Net types in the variables panel, in the data type column -

I’ve got the same problem. I find System Collections.Generic List but there’s no more to find. I get a message who says “Not all generic types could be resolved.” I’m stuck. :(.

You should “Browse for types…” for second time…



Thanks! Didn’t see that. :slight_smile:

It helped me. Thanks.

I am getting conversion error while using data type “”
please help


First type ‘System.Collections.Generic.List’ then under ‘Browse for type’ section, select ‘System.Net.Mail.MailMessage’ Then click OK. You’ll get the datatype of List


Hope it helps…!!


Thank you so much @Senthilkumar55