UiPath.Mail.IMAP.Activities.GetIMAPMailMessages output type "Messages" instead of "MailMessages"

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About the tutorial found here: https://www.uipath.com/developers/video-tutorials/email-automation

According to the tutorial and all examples, the Output of UiPath.Mail.IMAP.Activities.GetIMAPMailMessages should be “MailMessage” but the current version shows as Messages, which fails no matter what variable I assign.

The tutorial’s For Each loop specifies that the TypeArgument should be System.Net.Mail.MailMessage but I can’t get the GetIMAPMailMessages method to output the correct type which causes a bug.

Ideas? Thanks in advance

Hi @Ivo_Gorgachev,

there is a possiblity that you do not have the package pre-intalled. Please try to install it by going into ‘manage packages’ , select ‘All packages’ in left pane, type ‘mail’ in the search bar, then, you’ll find ‘UiPath.Mail.Activities’. Please install this package. Then try to find ‘get IMAP mail messages’ activity.

Hope this works


Thanks @yogesh.chand … unfortunately I already have UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.4.0 set up and that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.

Hi @Ivo_Gorgachev

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This is really strange! Could you provide us with a screenshot of what is displayed when you hover over the output Messages variable label. It should look like so:

You should be able to create the right type of variable by clicking into the variable box and then pressing CTRL+K. You then simply give it a name, confirm with Enter and the variable should be created.

Thanks @loginerror !! You’re the MVP! :smiley:

The problem was that I didn’t know to hit ctrl+k in the variable definition and was trying to set it by simply typing a name and hitting enter

Issue resolved.

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