List random order

I have this list. It is not in Excel. how do uipath click one at a time in random order.

HI @Rodrigo_Bispo_Rocha

You can use a click activity to perform the click. The trick here is, you have to make the selector of the click activity dynamic so that it can click on the one that you specify. Introduce a variable into the selector that holds the value (aaname) of the item that you want to click and use that to click on each item randomly depending on the requirement.


Random meaning you dont care about the order or you really want it to click each one in random order? First thing to do is use UiExplorer to see what is the selector for the first item and then which will be for like the 6th one, from there you can create the dynamic selector you will need to do it.


be able to do it in a way that it will click on each one. and tell me what state the year is in. open or closed

Hi @Rodrigo_Bispo_Rocham,

 As @lahiru.Fernando mentioned, You can achieve the same in a lot of ways. 

 1) Create a list containing all the numbers(years) that you want to click
 2) Use Click Activity (Identify the right selector using UiPath Explorer and Change the year value with a variable)
 3) Use For Each loop to get an item (which is our variable that contains year in the selector)

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, You can simply use Get attribute activity in the loop which will give you a way to access the attributes of the element. Find the attribute which gives the state Open or Close using Uipath Explorer and use it as a key in Get attribute activity.

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thank you very much for your attention