List of URL to browser address

hi all…I have a list of URL in excel to check in a vendor’s website.
I would need to pass through some login credentials before I can loop the URL.

After clicking sign in, how do i write the step for the url to loop?
Any advice?

Hi @hanna1,

What you have started is exactly correct. You just need to go ahead with below steps.

  • For Each row in dtlist.
  • “Open Browser” Activity with URL as row(“URL”).tostring
  • Inside Open browser, Use “Type Into” activity to type ID and PW. Then use Click activity to login.


hihi, thanks for the reply.
My workflow is something like

  1. Login to vendor’s site
  2. Required to select “My Company Name” …click on a few other things…
  3. Click Sign in
    I am able to get the above working.

Next, I have a list of URL that I need to search & extract the price back to excel.
I follow the step but it bring me back to the login page.

Sorry that i am not able to post image as it is a vendor’s site.
Thanks in advance.

Ok Got it.

So for each website based on the URL, you need to code seperately.

To navigate to specific code, you can StateMachine or Switch activity.

For Each item in dtlist
    Case "URL1"
        {Actions in Portal1}
    Case "URL2"
        {Actions in Portal2}
    Case "URL3"
        {Actions in Portal3}

Sorry, don’t quite get it, if I have 100urls, I’ll need to code all of them?
Or is there an alternative way?

Yes. You need to code for each portal separately. Because the selectors in each portal will never be same.

Otherwise, try to find a portal where you can get all the prices in that one portal itself. So that you need to code only for one portal.



Ahh…Thanks for your explanation, understand it now.

So how should I code each portal or is there any reference on it?
I should have only 2 different portals.

You can try with Web recording in UiPath.


Also, if you are new to UiPath, you can go through the Courses on the UiPath Academy in the below link to learn more about UiPath. It is completely free.

UiPath Academy